Friday, June 6, 2008

Our trip to Alameda

In my trip to Alameda I had a good time since it was an easy trip in a way that we had more interviews than what we were expected to have and we got twelve interviews. The people there gave us a lot of information to the topic we had which was safety. We interviewed both young and older people. They were nice to us and I think it was because of the way we approached them. We even had one interview which was really related to the topic since he had one experience where he would get mugged and be looked at in a weird way and in Alameda the same thing doesn’t happen there. Every person that we interviewed there agreed that it was really safe except for one person who said that she would get not customers but people who would try to steal clothes and stuff like that from them. However overall they all felt safe walking any time there and even at night without having to worry about what might happen or if any unsafe issues might happen. Then after everyone was done with there interviews we went to the beach there which was fun since we were playing games and we were just relaxing in the beach. We were also trying to push each other in the water while everyone was relaxing and playing catch and I wasn’t even trying to get wet until two of my friends had to push me in but they couldn’t but I still got a bit wet anyways. I also tried to push them in the water but both of them fell in together because they were pulling each other.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

*My thoughts about whysup*

What I overcame was trying to be more helpful by participating more in my group and talking more. I was helping by talking more to strangers since almost no one wanted to talk to strangers. I also wouldn’t want to talk to strangers but I tried anyways and sometimes they would respond with a yes. I tried being polite in asking and telling people what our project was mainly about and that there weren’t going to be so many questions and that we weren't going to spend there time too much but just for about a minute or two. That way they would say yes I also gave them a start on what the questions would be like and what they were going to be about. What I tried to do that I would normally not do at all is try to ask people that i don't even know and try to participate as much or help out my group members. A time when I didn’t even try to do something was asking people in Chinatown or trying to interview people there because I had gotten really frustrated since we wouldn’t even get one single interview. Also since we only had a short amount of time left to spend interviewing people but finally we did get a few interviews. I think that a way I’ve grown in this post session was trying to help out people even sometimes people who weren't in my group by trying to help them edit their videos.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The castro district of San francisco

At our trip in San Francisco we had to talk about aesthetics and many people were willing to talk to us about it. The landscape was pretty nice and the people there were nice too. For our group it was easy to talk to people and almost every person we went up to would say yes. There were a lot of businesses there and arts and crafts stores. A lot of the people gave us good answers and they let us take pictures of them and talked to them about what our project was about. We even had a chance to talk to a person who was interested in taking care of the environment who is concerned about the polution. There wsa also a lot of fast food too, bars, stores, and malls like gap. The Castro district of San Francisco is also a very diverse people with different cultures. There were also a lot of safety sources there.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On our trip to Lakeshore of the Oakland rose garden

I think that in this trip in which we interviewed people about aesthetics was alright but it was a bit hard since we didn't know what questions to ask especially since i didn't know what aesthetics was and it was one of the vocabulary words i learned then my group told me that it was just talking about everything that's in the surface. Things such as landscape all having to do with what's in our environment. However we did get all of our interviews done which were only taken voice recorded. When we then got to the rose garden we saw by the way a sculpture artist who uses rocks for his art. It was a bit fun and the art he made was creative and the inside of his house looked like he also had art in it, but we didn't get to see the inside. The rose garden is a place where we were told that people get married it was pretty and it reminded me of a movie i had seen since it had a large variety of roses. The rose garden only had two benches but i didn't look further to see if there were more or not. We just stayed there to relax and sit down and if we wanted we could take pictures of it too. People who we took interviews of were very helpful since they gave us a lot of information.

Monday, June 2, 2008

My trip to Lake Merrit and old Oakland

On our trip to old Oakland which kind of seemed like a ghost town since we didn't see that many people on Washington street except for people buying produce there which is by farmers markets which had there little stands where people could buy green produce and fruits there were also free samples so we could actually taste it first before buying. We went to a stand where they sold some smoothies the stand by the way is called scream. I tasted the strawberry flavor and people in my group tasted different kinds of flavor such as peach and all are organic fruit, but they did taste good and just a bit sweet however we only got about two or three interviews for the title health and accesibility which i had gotten before. I didn't really want it because not many people know how to respond to our questions. In Lake Merrit we just went on a trip later to go peddle boating it had for three people and the other boats were for two people the water from the lake wasn't clean and the instructor who showed us how to get in and out of a boat told us to not put our hands out and start crashing into people because we might get cut or a bad bruise also because he didn't want us to cactch any bacteria because it was really dirty. but we did have our hands inside the small boats but we still crashed into people anyways because it was gettin a bit boring.

Friday, May 30, 2008

My trip to Rockridge

My trip to Rockridge was good since we thought we might not get interviews since all the people are busy, but it was actually pretty good because there were people who were willing to talk to us about the safety in Rockridge since that was our topic from yesterdays interviewing. The people there were nice and really energetic and people wanted to learn more about what our project was about. Before I we went to Rockridge I thought that we weren’t going to get as much interviews as compared to other places since some people were busy walking fast not as many people outside, however there were a lot of small stores. The differences we saw between Rockridge and Fruitvale were that in Rockridge there are a lot of small shopping stores, also its more quite and seems like a much more safer neighborhood. What surprised me is that the people there were willing to get interviewed and even on video camera as compared to other places people did not want to get interviewed on videotape. Some of the similarities that Rockridge and Fruitvale share is that there are a lot of homeless people that are there and some people thought that homeless people not all of the homeless people that live there might do something because of the fact that they might be drunk and try to enter business stores and try to steal something or just enter the business stores that might say stuff to you and all the business store owners just ignore it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Talking about a friend, my friend is someone who is very loud always has something to say she's a short person with a good humor, she's a realistic person and says the truth even though you might not want to realize it. She says the craziest things and words that come out of her mouth before even thinking about it. She lives one block around the corner but we don't hang outside she's almost always out and acting. She likes to party a lot but she's calm when she wants to be when she's sad she's rreally quiet when shes mad she's really serious and doesn't feel the need to talk to no one. when she's happy she gets really jumpy and acts all hyper. Anonymous friend