Friday, June 6, 2008

Our trip to Alameda

In my trip to Alameda I had a good time since it was an easy trip in a way that we had more interviews than what we were expected to have and we got twelve interviews. The people there gave us a lot of information to the topic we had which was safety. We interviewed both young and older people. They were nice to us and I think it was because of the way we approached them. We even had one interview which was really related to the topic since he had one experience where he would get mugged and be looked at in a weird way and in Alameda the same thing doesn’t happen there. Every person that we interviewed there agreed that it was really safe except for one person who said that she would get not customers but people who would try to steal clothes and stuff like that from them. However overall they all felt safe walking any time there and even at night without having to worry about what might happen or if any unsafe issues might happen. Then after everyone was done with there interviews we went to the beach there which was fun since we were playing games and we were just relaxing in the beach. We were also trying to push each other in the water while everyone was relaxing and playing catch and I wasn’t even trying to get wet until two of my friends had to push me in but they couldn’t but I still got a bit wet anyways. I also tried to push them in the water but both of them fell in together because they were pulling each other.

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