Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Talking about a friend, my friend is someone who is very loud always has something to say she's a short person with a good humor, she's a realistic person and says the truth even though you might not want to realize it. She says the craziest things and words that come out of her mouth before even thinking about it. She lives one block around the corner but we don't hang outside she's almost always out and acting. She likes to party a lot but she's calm when she wants to be when she's sad she's rreally quiet when shes mad she's really serious and doesn't feel the need to talk to no one. when she's happy she gets really jumpy and acts all hyper. Anonymous friend


babycheeks said...

i have a friend who's just like your friend.

-ale =)

yesenia said...

Hi Cynthia,
It seems like you are really close to your friend. I think I know who you're writting about. It is a really nice piece of writting. I liked how you used a lot od discription and alot of detail I really enjoyed reading it.

shorty said...

hey cinthy i think that i know your friend but am not sure about but i like how you discribe her in details.


Chorecita said...

nice descriptive piece of writing