Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On our trip to Lakeshore of the Oakland rose garden

I think that in this trip in which we interviewed people about aesthetics was alright but it was a bit hard since we didn't know what questions to ask especially since i didn't know what aesthetics was and it was one of the vocabulary words i learned then my group told me that it was just talking about everything that's in the surface. Things such as landscape all having to do with what's in our environment. However we did get all of our interviews done which were only taken voice recorded. When we then got to the rose garden we saw by the way a sculpture artist who uses rocks for his art. It was a bit fun and the art he made was creative and the inside of his house looked like he also had art in it, but we didn't get to see the inside. The rose garden is a place where we were told that people get married it was pretty and it reminded me of a movie i had seen since it had a large variety of roses. The rose garden only had two benches but i didn't look further to see if there were more or not. We just stayed there to relax and sit down and if we wanted we could take pictures of it too. People who we took interviews of were very helpful since they gave us a lot of information.

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Ralo said...

wen did ya go to that rose gardens place