Monday, June 2, 2008

My trip to Lake Merrit and old Oakland

On our trip to old Oakland which kind of seemed like a ghost town since we didn't see that many people on Washington street except for people buying produce there which is by farmers markets which had there little stands where people could buy green produce and fruits there were also free samples so we could actually taste it first before buying. We went to a stand where they sold some smoothies the stand by the way is called scream. I tasted the strawberry flavor and people in my group tasted different kinds of flavor such as peach and all are organic fruit, but they did taste good and just a bit sweet however we only got about two or three interviews for the title health and accesibility which i had gotten before. I didn't really want it because not many people know how to respond to our questions. In Lake Merrit we just went on a trip later to go peddle boating it had for three people and the other boats were for two people the water from the lake wasn't clean and the instructor who showed us how to get in and out of a boat told us to not put our hands out and start crashing into people because we might get cut or a bad bruise also because he didn't want us to cactch any bacteria because it was really dirty. but we did have our hands inside the small boats but we still crashed into people anyways because it was gettin a bit boring.

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Anonymous said...

this is a good story... and we had fun on the peddle boats..