Thursday, June 5, 2008

*My thoughts about whysup*

What I overcame was trying to be more helpful by participating more in my group and talking more. I was helping by talking more to strangers since almost no one wanted to talk to strangers. I also wouldn’t want to talk to strangers but I tried anyways and sometimes they would respond with a yes. I tried being polite in asking and telling people what our project was mainly about and that there weren’t going to be so many questions and that we weren't going to spend there time too much but just for about a minute or two. That way they would say yes I also gave them a start on what the questions would be like and what they were going to be about. What I tried to do that I would normally not do at all is try to ask people that i don't even know and try to participate as much or help out my group members. A time when I didn’t even try to do something was asking people in Chinatown or trying to interview people there because I had gotten really frustrated since we wouldn’t even get one single interview. Also since we only had a short amount of time left to spend interviewing people but finally we did get a few interviews. I think that a way I’ve grown in this post session was trying to help out people even sometimes people who weren't in my group by trying to help them edit their videos.

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