Friday, May 30, 2008

My trip to Rockridge

My trip to Rockridge was good since we thought we might not get interviews since all the people are busy, but it was actually pretty good because there were people who were willing to talk to us about the safety in Rockridge since that was our topic from yesterdays interviewing. The people there were nice and really energetic and people wanted to learn more about what our project was about. Before I we went to Rockridge I thought that we weren’t going to get as much interviews as compared to other places since some people were busy walking fast not as many people outside, however there were a lot of small stores. The differences we saw between Rockridge and Fruitvale were that in Rockridge there are a lot of small shopping stores, also its more quite and seems like a much more safer neighborhood. What surprised me is that the people there were willing to get interviewed and even on video camera as compared to other places people did not want to get interviewed on videotape. Some of the similarities that Rockridge and Fruitvale share is that there are a lot of homeless people that are there and some people thought that homeless people not all of the homeless people that live there might do something because of the fact that they might be drunk and try to enter business stores and try to steal something or just enter the business stores that might say stuff to you and all the business store owners just ignore it.

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claudia said...

How was Rockride was it fun?