Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our Journey to Fruitvale

On our journey going to Fruitvale was really complicated since almost none of the people wanted to be interviewed. It was much more easier at Walnut Creek and they were much more nicer and had time for us meanwhile in Fruitvale people were busy trying to get to their jobs. Something that I learned was that in Walnut Creek there is not much diversity and in Fruitvale there is. The people in Fruitvale were really shy and even a lady that was selling Fruit, which at first did let us interview her then she got really shy and red and we told her that it was okay and we left. We were even nice and we didn't approach the people their in a bad manner, but I guess the way we introduced our selves wasn't right since some of the people their didn't understand the reason of why we were their. Some of the positive things were that we changed the way we approached people and tried to make up a conversation and the way we introduced ourselves to people and we finally got three interviews and the people their were really positive about it. Some of the negative aspects about Fruitvale were that people just said no in a bad manner. People there were busy. What I learned about my topic at Fruitvale was that our community is healthy but the fast-food restaurants surrounding us is bad and make us realize that the only thing that is bad is our eating habits. Also we need to pay more attention to the people that have disabilities such as the people in wheel chairs by having more ramps in the sidewalks.

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