Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our trip to downtown Chinatown

At our trip to interview people in Chinatown was complicated since all the people there were really busy trying to get to there jobs and even store owners would tell us they were busy even though they were just relaxing taking a sip of their coffee. We went to the plaza and tried to ask the people that were there since they were just sitting down and relaxing. There were only girls in my group including me and we didn’t even get a female interviewed except for three males and made up a conversation and asked if they could be interviewed and responded with a yes. One of the males was one who use to come to the same school that we attend today. We asked them about how they feel about the food there and which was the most common. Before we even went there we had the feeling that people were going to be busy since at this time people are at there jobs and students at their schools. The differences that we saw between Chinatown and Fruitvale were that we did get both females and males time to get interviewed at Fruitvale while at Chinatown we only had interviews from males. One of the similarities we saw between Fruitvale and Chinatown was that we only had a few interviews from three to four people. Something that surprised us about Chinatown was seeing a person that use to attend our school, and that we didn’t get a single female to get interviewed.

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Nani said...

When my group went to Chinatown it was hard to get an interview. Especially since their language was different and some didn't know english. It was a good experience going to Chinatown.